Neoprene Waist Trainer

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Stability and flexibility: Functioning as crochet, the neoprene waist trainer smoothens the abdomen. The garment is tight and body-hugging to increase sweat production in regions that need it the most. The smooth designing of the fabric embraces the hour-glass figure. The garment’s differentiated cutting accentuates the curvy contours of your body.

Adjustable waistband: Neoprene waist trainer has an adjustable waistband that makes the garment comfortable. It brings the body into a perfect shape by squeezing the midsection. The most prominent part that this garment works on, is the waistline to give it a more descriptive look.

Hook-and-loop fastening: Along with the waistband, the garment has a velcro closure. By giving you the fast hook-and-pile fastener, the designers have thoughtfully allowed you the space to judge the level of compressing your body needs.

Flexibility and mobility: Neoprene allows breathable space and good adaptability. This makes neoprene a good choice for people to wear in gyms. It increases the core body temperature and produces sweat. Sweat releases toxins and prevents water retention.

Perfect for posture building: The neoprene waist trainer is an effective choice if you want to build a good posture. The way it fits into your body molds your posture according to the needs of the garments. It maintains the correct posture even when you are not paying attention to your body.

The cloth is extremely light. The waistband and the velcro closure compress the bulges while the latex-free neoprene is soft to wear. It gives your body a space to breathe and keeps the extra pounds within so that you look just the way you want.

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